Who Is More silly Between Them?

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Who Is More silly Between Them? Empty Who Is More silly Between Them?

Post by emmy on Mon 28 Dec 2015 - 7:17

A guy asked a lady out and the Lady accepted (hopefully because the nigga came with a car and he is loaded), few months later the lady asked the guy to buy her a shop in festac so that she can start her costume business.

The guy bought her the shop but the lady didn't remember to take the receipts from him(we never knew the guys was expecting something like this). Few months later, the girl asked the guy to to buy her small call she will be using to carry her costumes from the market to her shop (mind u, the lady bought the costumes worth 1.8m with her money she got from a yahoo boy she worked for years ago by opening her unclad ness for the guy's clients online. )so the guy bought her a used Nigeria EOD worth 780k

To cut long story short, the Lady dumbed the guy few weeks ago and the guy made a revenge by selling the shop he bought for her together with all the market inside.

The lady made a revenge by transferring 3.6m from the guy's diamond account (because she had memorised the password when she was with the guy)

Who is more silly, the guy or the Lady?


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Who Is More silly Between Them? Empty Re: Who Is More silly Between Them?

Post by gift on Sat 2 Jan 2016 - 21:23

lol.... do me I do you ... but i think the guy is more silly ... how can he be so heartless


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