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The Power Of Little Things Empty The Power Of Little Things

Post by Admin on Mon 28 Dec 2015 - 20:42

No matter how rough the year has been with you, don`t look at or envy the garden of others because the little in your hands today is the raw material for your uncommon tomorrow. Yes, neglect ye not that little call, contacts, that little business, position you’re occupying is only but a springboard to unmask the bigger things to come your way!

Remember, creation of the Earth was not done by God in one day. The little place you are is indeed the launch pad for the throne of your promised land. There is always a day for a man`s story to change. David in the Holy Bible who later became a king in Israel was a mere rustic shepherd boy. Moses did wonders before Pharaoh with the little rod in his hands. What is that little rod in your hands?

There`s a way if you have the will, and little by little, inch by inch, step by step, you are there. Isn`t that incredible. Yes little by little you`re there. If you can`t climb a mountain, then climb a hill, if you can`t swim an ocean, then ford a stream. That`s much better than standing still. You know when you stood still in a high way, you risks been knocked down by a fast moving vehicles. So it`s better to grab that little thing to forge ahead than to stood still waiting for manna to fall from Heaven.

Don`t give up because God has not given up on you. You are still His beautiful bride. There is always appointment in disappointment. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. At the end of the road, there is a bend and if there is none; create one to leave foot print. Yes the power of LITTLE THINGS is in YOU.

Remember there`s always a way to roll with the PUNCH. It was the little rod of Moses that was used by God to disgrace the mighty Pharaoh of that generation. Don`t give in to depression, setback and failures because they are the ingredients that is going to announce you. Search within you to locate that hidden little rod of idea, ingenuity, and creativity; dormant in you that can bring about volcanic eruption of financial freedom and independence.

Remember that the birth of Jesus CHRIST was in the little town of Bethlehem. Indeed POWER resides in the LITTLE things of life! President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan came from an unknown little town called ``Otuokere``; of a minority ijaw tribe in Nigeria. Barack Obama of USA, the most powerful and influential president in the world is black African American who came from a little town ``Nyang`oma Kogelo, Siaya`` district, Kenya. Are you amazed at the wonders of little things?

The late Ronald Reagan said ``we are never defeated until we give up on God``. Don`t give up till you reach your dream, and little by little you`re there! Good things that are here to stay don`t get done in just one day. You will have only yourself to thank, when little by little you`re there. Be careful about the little look, little touch, little caress, little kiss that may be a trap to enslave and drag you to the land of disgrace and regrets. Be vigilant because enormous power resides on the LITTLE THINGS OF LIFE. Beware of the little insignificant foxes that can pull down your vine.

As the year rolls to an end, resolutions were broken, plans were shattered, marriage engagements broken, divorces at its peak, hearts broken, unfulfilled job and businesses promises left their victims sad, depressed and hopeless; and in the midst of these vagaries of life, THE POWER OF LITTLE THINGS remained resilient to these swinging PENDULUM of human FRAILTIES. Break out of that comfort zone and soar like an Eagle. Cheers! You can`t be tired of our FRESH TONICS. Watch out for The Power of little things (2)



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