10 Signs She Isnt The One For You

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10 Signs She Isnt The One For You Empty 10 Signs She Isnt The One For You

Post by Admin on Wed 30 Dec 2015 - 19:32

10 Signs She Isnt The One For You Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQnkyB1oyDeTFMzEAauCswa6AynN_PYcqLeij4P3X_E_aqu_qQ

1. When you look at her, you
feel a sense of achievement
rather than love.

2. You don't remember the
last time you guys had a long,
uninhibited conversation.

3. You're not sure
whether you guys are even
friends in the first place.

4. The lack of connection
between the two of you is very

5. Even your friends notice

6. You're always conscious
around her because she's
always judging you about
something or the other.
You can never seem to live up to her idea of
"the ideal man".

7. She's not motivation
enough to do something
special on Valentine's Day.

8. Your relationship isn't
balanced because she's always
the one creating problems and
you're always the one trying
to sort them out.

9. She is always invading your
personal space but remains
very protective of her own.

10. You feel that everything in
the relationship is according
to her convenience.

11. Your friends complain that
you have become a new person
in a bid to please her.

12. You don't miss her when
she's not around.

13. She is never ready to meet
your folks.
And in the back of your head, you're not sure
if you even want her to.

14. You guys never discuss
your future together.
Clearly, you don't see any.

15. She is critical about
everything in your life.
Your career choices, your friends, your
parents... everything.

16. She has erratic mood
swings for no rhyme or
And that pisses the hell out of you.

17. Despite being in a
relationship, you are a loner
at parties and gatherings.
Because she never has the time for your
parties and your friends.

18. No matter what you do,
she's always disappointed with
And to top that, she's always blaming you for
disappointing her.

19. You're always asking
yourself this question: "Do I
really love her?"

if you are in this shoe bro you gotta keep searching and start early so you wont be in shock when she tells you shez engaged.


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