Should Spirituality Dictates The Relationship?

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Should Spirituality Dictates The Relationship? Empty Should Spirituality Dictates The Relationship?

Post by emmy on Sun 27 Dec 2015 - 14:10

There is this lady we have dating for 6 months
now. It all started when I broke up with my ex
girlfriend of over 3 years because of tribe (she's
Igbo, while I'm Yoruba). I attend the same
church with this lady, we've been best of
friends for over 8 years. She has a guy she was
dating before, but they couldn't continue
because her mum told her she went for spiritual
enquiry and she was told they're not

Around June this year, I approached her
declaring my intention of how much I love her
and want her to be mine. She told me before
she can accept my proposal, I should first do a
spiritual consultation so as to know our
compatibility in order to avoid another
occurrence of the issue she had with her
boyfriend. I did as she requested by calling a
pastor I trust so much to help me do a spiritual
enquiry to the relationship and marriage
respectively. He called me back after few days
that it is safe to go into a relationship with her.

I communicated the report of my findings to the
lady, she further requested for another spiritual
enquiry from my parish pastor. I obliged and
did as she requested because I was madly in
her at this point. My pastor gave me her own
findings that we are compatible that there will
be an "antagonist" to the relationship in her
family. I knew at this point that the antagonist
is her mother because she told me she
discussed with her mum that I asked her out
and the mother refused on spot. But she
agreed to date me, that she will talk to her mum
as time goes on.

We started dating, the relationship became so
interesting and envy to all. Fast forward to six
months, she started misbehaving and wasn't
flowing as she used to. I noticed this changes
in her and I decided to investigate what was
going on. After several attempts, she agreed to
discuss the issue.

She told me that recently she has been
receiving messages from different prophets that
we are not compatible and she will regrets it if
she goes ahead and with the relationship. Then
I became confused of what was going on If God
is an author of confusion.

I didn't know what to believe anymore, because
I was suspecting it's her mum that is doing
those things and this is a lady I love so much
and even planning to propose to by the ending
of next year.

Nlders I know you guys have never
disappointed in helping out in this kind of issue
and I'm trusting on your intellectual ability to
help me because this is killing me emotionally


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