iPhones dominate sales chart for 2015, sealing all top four positions Best-selling Samsung phone is a distant fifth.

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iPhones dominate sales chart for 2015, sealing all top four positions Best-selling Samsung phone is a distant fifth.

Post by emmy on Sun 3 Jan 2016 - 15:45

The dominance of the iPhone on these shores became even more pronounced this year, with the news that all the top-four best-selling smartphones for 2015 were Apple handsets.

In at position one is 2014’s iPhone 6 in its 16GB iteration, while nestling just below at number two is the ageing iPhone 5S from 2013. There’s another appearance for the iPhone 6 at position three, where it’s the 64GB model’s turn in the limelight.

This year’s model, the iPhone 6S 16GB, is at number four. And while it’s tempting to interpret its relatively lowly placing to consumers being unimpressed by 3DTouch and camera upgrades, it’s probably due to the fact the phone was only released in September.

Samsung’s standard-bearer, the Galaxy S6 32GB, tips up at number five. But after that normal service resumes, with the now-discontinued iPhone 5C budget phone landing at number six and the 64GB iteration of the iPhone 6S occupying position seven.

Completing the top ten is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB (8th), the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (9th) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 (10th).

Intriguingly, Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus supersized phablet didn’t make the top ten at all, suggesting that whatever people really like about iPhones it isn’t whopping screens.

Rob Kerr, mobiles expert at uSwitch.com, said: “Apple’s authority in the UK mobile market is unrivalled. It’s the only manufacturer that can still attract queues days ahead of its major launches. It even makes Samsung look like a perennial underachiever.

“Interestingly, Apple isn't actually doing anything particularly groundbreaking. Mobile payment technology existed before Apple Pay, voice recognition before Siri and Force Touch before 3D Touch."

Kerr added: “As our bestseller list shows, Samsung is the only other mobile maker to have garnered some of that mass appeal, but it’s still always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

“Ranging the Note 5 in the UK could have pushed Samsung further up the bestseller charts, but it backed the wrong horse, believing demand would be tipped towards the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.”


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