Breaking: Biafra Files Case Against Nigerian Government 29th Dec.

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Breaking: Biafra Files Case Against Nigerian Government 29th Dec. Empty Breaking: Biafra Files Case Against Nigerian Government 29th Dec.

Post by emmy on Mon 28 Dec 2015 - 22:09

The power struggle between the Nigerian government, the DSS and the state of the rising Sun
Biafra is yet to be over and has taken a new dimension with Biafra filing a fresh case against
the Nigerian government in the court for unlawful detention of their director and Leader of
the indigenous people of Biafra and damages against the people Biafra to be heard on the
29th of Dec 2015,The information reaching us indicates that though the Leader of the
indigenous people Biafra will not be appearing in the court himself but his counsel had
perfected all plans to represent him in court on the said date.
It could be recalled that both the magistrate and high courts all in Abuja had previously on
many occasion discharge him on not enough evidence against him and therefore his continuous
detention is an infringement on his right of freedom of movement but due to lack of respect
for human right in Nigeria the government refused to released him which is a blow to the rule
of law and a slap to the judicial system in the most populous black African nation. The most
recent one was when in the full gleam of the court the presiding judge justice Mohammed Diri
washed his hands off the case and asked for the case to be resigned to another judge which
comes as a surprised to Nigerians and Nigerian government as a whole and notwithstanding
Mohammed Buhari lead government through his numerous agent of destruction is still bent of
putting him in Jail and had gone further to compromised some judges from the south-East
with sum of one hundred million Naira through Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha, since the
first and second judges who were appointed over the case refused to be bought over with
money surprisingly they were Yoruba and Hausa respectively and it brings to mind what
morality and ethics means to them in their highly honored profession as the custodians of the
rule of law.
We are calling on all Human Right Organization locally and internationally, the International
Community, and all lovers of freedom of movement and expression to turn their search light to
Nigerian as the case will prove to them the high level of inhuman treatment been melted out to
Nigerians whom some of them has been killed in cold blood by men of SARS with no trace of
their corpse till date. The IPOB is a peaceful minded organization in search of freedom and
therefore deserved the right to protest as it enshrined in the constitution of the federal
republic without any undue influence.
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Breaking: Biafra Files Case Against Nigerian Government 29th Dec.


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