6 Assets That Makes A Man More Attracted To A Woman

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6 Assets That Makes A Man More Attracted To A Woman

Post by Pauluv on Fri 1 Jan 2016 - 21:51

1. A large waise to hip ratio.

We all are familiar with the term "child bearing hips", which is when the hips are significantly wider than the waist, thereby creating an hourglass figure. A large waist-to-hip ratio of 7:10 instinctively gives men the notion that the woman can carry his child, according to a study by Barnaby J. Disxon.

2. Healthy hair

Having natural beautiful hair was found to play a big part in a male being attracted to females as it symbolizes fertility and less request for money for human hair.

3. Lovely Smile

Recent research at the University of Northern British Columbia found that men are more attracted to women who smiled more. On the flip side, women are less attracted to men who tend to smile a lot and prefer guys who keep a straight face.

4. Women who wear RED

When Women wear the color red, it enhances men's attraction to them. Ironically, women are also more attracted to men who wear red.

5. A beautiful voice

Men are more attracted to beautiful feminine voice especially when on calls. That can make them fall in love without even seeing you physically.

6. Less makeup

We are all aware that Makeup enhances beauty, but caking it on is not attractive to men. Researchers discovered that men prefer women who wore up to 40% less makeup to women with heavy makeup.Guess they dont want to wake up beside a strange woman the following morning so put the foundation down ladies.


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