10 Things I Have Learned From Dating Naija Girls

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10 Things I Have Learned From Dating Naija Girls Empty 10 Things I Have Learned From Dating Naija Girls

Post by emmy on Sun 27 Dec 2015 - 9:13

1. A girl will make a guy chase her as long as she can't trust him.

2. Never brag in front of her. When you brag in her present, she'll think you are trying to impress her. instead let her brag n try to impress you.

3. Most naija guys are single while most girls are in relationship. This is funny but true, I have a friend who has about 7 girlfriends and these girls are all faithful to him. I'm sure you get my point.

4. Girls like funny guys but most funny guys get friend zoned, except for the smartass funny guys

5. Girls are different, you can't use the same tricks on different girls. Forget it, there re no particular steps in getting any girl. If there are steps to getting every girl, then every guy will not have problem getting a girl. Just know the type of woman you are dealing with then play along and learn from your mistakes.

6. Guess what ,,If you are rich, women will chase you. Anybody telling you that you don't need money to get a woman is a learner. Money is always involved in one way or the other.

7. As a guy,,, your look does not matter much.

8. Beautiful girls are easier to get than the average ones. Only experience guys knows what am talking about.

9. Girls love sex. Most nice guys think girls don't like sex... I'm laughing at those guys now.

10. Yes, bad guys and arrogant/proud guys always get the girls(especially girls with low self esteem). Confident and independent ladies will never fall for the bad guys.

BONUS----- 11. Most guys that re bashing women( especially guys with low self confidence) are really frustrated when it comes to dating


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